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Akanishi Jin x Nakamaru Yuichi

Jin/Maru: Beauty & The Beat-Boxer
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A community for fans of the KAT-TUN pairing of Jin and Maru

Hello! :D and welcome to jinru_love, a community for fans of the KAT-TUN pairing Akanishi Jin/Nakamaru Yuichi. (Known as nakanishi, jinru or even jinyu. Take your pick!)

This comm was created by jrock_til_death, and is now modded by encoded_panties. If you have any comments/questions/concerns, don't hesitate to contact!

1, Fanfics (any rating/genre, but be sure to warn), fanart, fanvideos, pictures, wallpapers, icons, banners, etc. are all welcomed.
2. All posts must be focused on Jin and Maru.
3. No flaming or being mean to people. Play nice, yo.
4. If posting fanfiction, be sure to include the title, pairings, warnings and summary in all fanfictions and do not hide them under the cut.
5. Put all posts with more than two pictures, or a particularly big picture, under a cut.

and most importantly

6. Have fun and ~spread the nakanishi love~

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